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# Datateam Documentation
Technical documentation relating to everything technical
Example [GitBook] website using GitLab Pages.
## Gitlab related
Learn more about GitLab Pages at and the official
[How to set up the Project structure](
## Cloud releated
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**Table of Contents** *generated with [DocToc](*
### AWS
- [GitLab CI](#gitlab-ci)
- [Building locally](#building-locally)
- [GitLab User or Group Pages](#gitlab-user-or-group-pages)
- [Did you fork this project?](#did-you-fork-this-project)
- [Troubleshooting](#troubleshooting)
really useful [AWS CLI commands ](
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[AWS Rules](
## GitLab CI
### Azure
This project's static Pages are built by [GitLab CI][ci], following the steps
defined in [`.gitlab-ci.yml`](.gitlab-ci.yml):
## Cost related
# requiring the environment of NodeJS 8.9.x LTS (carbon)
image: node:8.9
- [Cost saving](
- [Tagging resources](
- [Billing alarms](
- [Creating Billing alarms with Cloudwatch](
# add 'node_modules' to cache for speeding up builds
- node_modules/ # Node modules and dependencies
## Architecture related - How to write an application architecture
- [Rational Unified process](
- [Use Case Views](
- [Logical View ](
- [Logical view example - Bank ATM](
- [Data science application example](url) In progress
- [Process, Implementation and Deployment View ](,-Implementation-and-Deployment-Views)
- [Views example - Bank ATM ](
- [Data science application example](url) In Progress
- [AWS Diagram examples](
- [Azure Diagram examples](
- npm install gitbook-cli -g # install gitbook
- gitbook fetch latest # fetch latest stable version
- gitbook install # add any requested plugins in book.json
#- gitbook fetch pre # fetch latest pre-release version
#- gitbook fetch 2.6.7 # fetch specific version
### Swagger related
# the 'pages' job will deploy and build your site to the 'public' path
stage: deploy
- gitbook build . public # build to public path
- public
- master # this job will affect only the 'master' branch
To help define the API we recommend Swagger
## Building locally
- [Swagger API specification](
- [Swagger tool](
To work locally with this project, you'll have to follow the steps below:
1. Fork, clone or download this project
1. [Install][] GitBook `npm install gitbook-cli -g`
1. Fetch GitBook's latest stable version `gitbook fetch latest`
1. Preview your project: `gitbook serve`
1. Add content
1. Generate the website: `gitbook build` (optional)
1. Push your changes to the master branch: `git push`
## Development Related
Read more at GitBook's [documentation][].
### Python
## GitLab User or Group Pages
All things [python](
To use this project as your user/group website, you will need one additional
step: just rename your project to ``, where `namespace` is
your `username` or `groupname`. This can be done by navigating to your
project's **Settings**.
### How to create Python Lambdas
Read more about [user/group Pages][userpages] and [project Pages][projpages].
## Did you fork this project?
If you forked this project for your own use, please go to your project's
**Settings** and remove the forking relationship, which won't be necessary
unless you want to contribute back to the upstream project.
### Python Cheetsheets
## Troubleshooting
* [Beginners Python](
* [Intermediate Python](
* [Bokeh](
* [Importing data](
* [Jupyter](
* [Keras](
* [Matplotlib](
* [Numpy Basics](
* [Pandas](
* [Pandas Basics](
* [pyspark df](
* [pyspark rdd](
* [python regexp](
* [scikit-learn](
* [SciPy](
* [Seaborn](
1. CSS is missing! That means two things:
### R cheatsheets
Either that you have wrongly set up the CSS URL in your templates, or
your static generator has a configuration option that needs to be explicitly
set in order to serve static assets under a relative URL.
* [Data visualisation in R](
* [data table](
* [tidiverse beginners](
* [xts](
### Neo4J Documentation
* [Neo4j Cypher Manual](
* [Neo4j Cypher Refcard](
* [APOC Documentation](
* [Neo4j Drivers Manual](
* [Neo4j Community Site](
### General documentation
* [Apache Airflow](
* [Docker](
* [Hadoop](
* [Hbase](
* [Hive](
* [Kafka](
* [MariaDB](
* [Pig](
* [Redis](
* [Spark](
### Bash and Command line tools
- How to use [curl](
- Bash Tips and [Tricks](
## Security related
- [NIST document used for DIGIT Security risk assessment](
- [Useful tool to convert files](
- [How to check how secure your browser is](
- [Get your IP Address](
- [A load of free how to´s security books](
- [AWS security](
- [check if your browser is protected against tracking ](
- [check what private information your browser is leaking](
- [check your website for insecure pages](
## Free technical books
- [Docker workshop](
- [SQL Workshop](
- [Professional SQL](
- [Algorithms How to ](
- [Bash for Professionals](
- [Everything Curl](
- [SSH book](
- [Learn Power BI (free book from Packt)](
- [Linux for professionals](
- [Mongo DB for professionals](
- [MySQL for Professionals](
- [Oracle for Professionals](
- [PostGres for professionals](
- [Python for Professionals](
- [R for Professionals](
Forked from @virtuacreative
[host the book]:
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