New features

  • ISAICP-7501: Enable the option to hide metadata information from banner.
  • ISAICP-7436: Insert a 'Contact us' hyperlink


  • ISAICP-7532: "Remove external resources (Roboto font, from Google) from Joinup theme
  • ISAICP-7487: Extend Honeypot & Antibot to all forms that are accessible by regular users
  • ISAICP-7472: Update legacy footer
  • ISAICP-7465: "Upgrade drupal/simple_sitemap to ^4.0"
  • ISAICP-7463: Update front-end dependencies (post-release)
  • ISAICP-7462: Unpin drupal/publication_date
  • ISAICP-7452: Update Webtools Geocoding Provider
  • ISAICP-7433: Update oe_bootstrap_theme (1.0.0-beta6 => 1.0.0-beta7)
  • ISAICP-7388: Accept less than 3 characters during the search
  • ISAICP-7335: Move view mode settings for search_api_field outside the field storage
  • ISAICP-7328: IOPE facilitators to be able to add/edit/delete the new paragraphs
  • ISAICP-6708: Unpin iframe module


  • ISAICP-7476: Front-end Improvements
  • ISAICP-7468: Align primary blue with EC blue
  • ISAICP-7371: Make sticky navbar visible for moderators
  • ISAICP-7261: European Commission Logo area background color

Bug fixes

  • ISAICP-7533: Double notification when a user is activated from its edit form
  • ISAICP-7514: 9.5.0-rc2 JS files return access denied.
  • ISAICP-7508: Fix develop branch
  • ISAICP-7455: Static analysis is crashing
  • ISAICP-7453: Error message during creating field for meta entity type.